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Powers of the self-government of the town Handlová

Heraldry	 of Handlová

Municipality Handlová

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Residents carry-out the self-government of the town by

  • Town authorities
  • public meeting
  • local referendum

Apart from these forms the city can use other appropriate tools and resources, eg. information meetings, meetings and so on.The specific legislation must be met in their implementation.


Powers of the self-government of the town Handlová -

The work of self-government is provided by the town government of Handlová Municipality, the organizations set up by the town, organisations where the town participates, organizations which were selected in accordance with the high legislation. The town has to cooperate with business legal and natural persons operating in the town and also with political parties and movements, evolving activity in the town, as well as with interest groups of citizens.
The town also works closely with other businesses whose activities are, or may have an impact and importance for the town, especially from the point of view of individual self-government functions of the town.

1st Tasks, that town fulfils during performance of municipal functions, are determined by the Law about the Municipal establishment in a valid version, more specific laws and generally obligatory legal regulations.
2nd Details of the status, powers and competence of city authorities Handlová are adjusted by the Status of the town Handlová VZN n.5/2007.
3rd The town issues generally obligatory regulations (only "Regulations"farther) for the tasks of the town government, if it is set by law. Municipal regulations must not conflict with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, contrary to the constitutional laws, laws and international treaties by which the National Council expressed consent and which were ratified and promulgated in the manner prescribed by law. In cases which the town fulfills the roles of state administration, government regulation may be issued only under the authority of law and its limits. That regulation must not be variance with the Constitution of the Slovac republic, constitutional laws, international treaties which were ratified and promulgated in the manner prescribed by law, with laws, with government regulations, generally obligatory regulations of ministries and other central government bodies of the State administration. The procedure for preparing the materials and documents for the adoption of regulations of the city, their issue and how the enforcement of these regulations is prescribed by law, the status of town Handlová and Rules of Procedure of the Municipal Secretaryship in Handlová.
4th If the law during the adjustment of competence does not set that there is the performance of the transferred competence of the state administration, it stands that there is performance of self-government of the town.

The self-government of the town Handlová carries out particulary:

  • 1st activities related to proper management of movable assets and property of the town and state-owned property left to the town to use. The town decides and implements all the operations associated with the administration of the town and its property, all issues which as a self-government competence are adapted by a special law, if such acts are not carried out by state or other legal or natural person according the law.
  • 2nd it decides in matters of local taxes and fees, and carries out their administration
  • 3rd it establishes and approves the town budget and closing account of the town
  • 4th it sets right the economic activity in the town, and if so it constitues the specific regulation, issues the agreement, obligatory opinion or statement to business and other activity of legal and natural persons and to working location in the town
  • 5th it fulfils assignments in the field of consumer protection and creates conditions for the supply of the village, determines the rules of the time of sale in the store, hours of operation services and manages public markets
  • 6th it provides construction and maintenance, and manages local roads, public spaces, cultural, sports and other urban facilities, cultural monuments, cultural sites and sights of the city, issues obligatory opinions to the investment activity in the town
  • 7th it ensures cleanliness in the town, administration and maintenance of public green
  • 8th it provides public services, i.e. management of municipal waste and small construction waste, management of public lighting, water supply, drawing off sewerage, waste-water from cesspools and local public transport
  • 9th it procures documentation and approves site planning and urban services areas, procures and approves programs of housing development and participates in the formation of favorable conditions for housing in the town
  • 10th it performs its own investment and business activity in order to ensure the needs of the residents of the town and town development
  • 11th it elaborates the concept of development of different areas of town life
  • 12th it establishes, sets up, abolishes and controlles its budgetary and contributory organizations, other legal persons and equipment according to special rules
  • 13th it organizes the town vote about important matters of life and urban development
  • 14th it ensures public order in the town,it can set the activities which realization is prohibited or restricted in a certain time or place
  • 15th it ensures the protection of cultural monuments in the range according to specific rules
  • 16th it takes care of preservation of the natural values
  • 17th it fulfils assignments in the field of social assistance within a special regulation
  • 18th carries out certifying of documents and signatures on them
  • 19th leads the town chronicle in the state language
  • 20th it creates and protects the health conditions and healthy lifestyle and work of the inhabitans of the town, protects the environment and creates conditions for the provision of health care, education, culture, awareness-raising activities, hobbies, artistic activity, physical culture and sport

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